Glacier Foot and Ankle is Flathead Valley’s Provider for Total Foot and Ankle Care.
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The physicians and staff of Glacier Foot and Ankle Associates are dedicated to providing exceptional foot and ankle care. Our goal is to successfully resolve your foot problem and alleviate your pain. The doctors of GFAA stay current with the latest in diagnostic technology and treatment options and strive to return patients to their normal daily activities as quickly as possible.

We offer total foot and ankle care. Glacier Foot and Ankle provides the full spectrum of podiatric services from routine conservative care to corrective foot and ankle surgery. Our physicians can offer surgical solutions for all foot and ankle problems, from simple in-office procedures to the most advanced reconstructive surgeries. For most problems we can offer a number of effective treatment alternatives, the patient and physician are not limited to surgery alone. See the Foot & Ankle Conditions link above for a review of many common conditions and effective treatment options.

The surgeons of GFAA specialize in foot and ankle surgery. The foot and ankle is complex and deserves a focused specialist. Our Podiatric surgeons have performed thousands of foot and ankle procedures. You will not find a more highly-trained foot and ankle surgeon. Dr. Ploot is a Board Certified surgeon with 10 years of surgical experience. GFAA offers unique services and a comprehensive approach to foot-care not found elsewhere.

We are contracted with most major insurance carriers and are always accepting new patients. Call 755-1300 today to schedule an appointment.

Glacier Foot and Ankle Associates
95 Indian Trail Road Kalispell, MT 59901

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